Project Highlight
Emphasis Jewellery Brand Website & Membership Portal
A total brand revolution of a luxury jewellery retailer

Emphasis Jewellery, a member of the Chow Sang Sang Group, is a luxury jewellery retailer in Hong Kong that offers unique original-design collections for all occasions and collaborates with different international jewellery brands. Their belief introduces the way to crown the beautiful women with unique, chill and fashionable design of high quality jewellery.


With great satisfaction of previous project, our team is glad to receive new website revamp project request from Emphasis after few years. This is our second project to design and develop a completely new Emphasis official website after our last cooperation on the website development. This revamp project aims to blend the new logo element well with the layout design and focuses on the re-building of Emphasis’s brand image. The new brand image is being highlighted with a more stylish, high-end and luxurious website browsing experience. Our team has provided professional design service to refine and enhance the user interface (UI) and created a new and bracing look and feel. We adopted the Blue-and-Champagne element in the website interface so as to synchronize with the shop ambience and chic new décor features.


Another mission of this project is to keep a consistent user-experience (UX), especially between a wide range of devices and browsers, we therefore adopted with the responsive web design (RWD) in retaining the high level of consistency. The overall usability, web-accessibility performance and user-experience are being improved with faster page loading speed, easy and neat navigation and persistent website design which brought a more holistic web browsing experience to every potential customers.

2018 WebAward: Standard of Excellence
2019 Communicator Awards: Excellence Award
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